Culture and Health in Africa - Summer 2019

Learn more about Culture and Health in Africa

  • Program Dates

    May 28 - June 26, 2019

    This program will also meet on campus four times during the spring semester. These predeparture course sessions are tentatively scheduled for April 2019.

  • Information Sessions

    January 15, 2019



    Hutton Honors College Great Room

    January 22, 2019



    Hutton Honors College Great Room

  • Course information

    Course Title: Culture and Health in Africa

    Academic Director & Instructor: Cecilia Obeng

    Syllabus Description: This course involves students travelling to Africa (Ghana) to explore how culture influences the steps that Africans take to prepare for changes in their health status in the global world. Specifically, the course provides students with skills and knowledge of cultural and health issues in Africa through classroom lectures with the course faculty and faculty from universities in Ghana, community leaders, health professionals, and applied learning through projects and site visits. The instructional program will involve lectures on a variety of related topics, including:

    • Health issues in Ghana: State responsibility in healthcare delivery and national health policies
    • Culture, language, and health
    • Improving the health and academic performance of poor school aged children
    • Alcohol, drug abuse, and sexually-transmitted diseases
    • Culture and gender inequalities and access to healthcare
    • Non-Communicable Disease Prevention

    These in-class lessons serve as preparation for each week’s excursions to medical universities, hospitals, community health centers, and other relevant sites.  

  • Program Excursions
    • Tours and lectures at medical universities, Western-based clinics and hospitals, traditional herbal clinics, spiritual healing centers, music and exercise centers, and community health centers
    • Canopy walk in the Kakum Rainforest 
    • Visit to the Cape Coast Castle 
  • Accommodations

    Program participants will stay in three different hotels during their stay in Ghana, one in each of the program's host cities. Each hotel was selected in coordination with in-country partners to provide a combination of convenience, safety, and affordability for the program participants.

  • Costs and Scholarships

    Program Fee - $4000*

    The program fee includes roundtrip international flights from the Indianapolis airport, airport transfers in country, accommodations, all meals, transportation to and from all excursion sites, entry fees to all museums and historical sites, student travel insurance, Ghana visa fees, and administrative fees.

    *Program fee is subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances.

    IUB Tuition - 3 credit hours

    The tuition cost for this program is based on IU Bloomington tuition. The amount of tuition will vary based on student resident status. See the Student Central website for more information on current tuition rates.

    Additional Variable Costs

    Variable costs are paid before and after you arrive in Ghana as you pay for required vaccinations and personal expenses. 

    Note: The program fee and tuition will appear on your bursar bill and are paid directly to IU. See the program fee sheet for more details.


    All admitted program participants are awarded an automatic HIEP Hutton Honors Study Abroad Scholarship of $1500 applied directly to the program fee. No separate application is required.

    Note: Program participants are not eligible to apply for the HIEP Grant.

    Please see the IU Office of Overseas Study website for more information on other available scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

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