Planning for Study Abroad

Thinking about studying abroad?

International experiences have a long history at Indiana University. From the first programs offered over a century ago, IU has continued to expand opportunities for students to study abroad. The Office of Overseas Study, academic schools and departments, institutes, and other units all offer study abroad programs, including the Hutton Honors College. With the multitude of Non-IU Programs added in, IU students have thousands of study abroad options to choose from. While so many choices may seem daunting at first glance, there are many resources available to help students pick the program that is right for them. See the links below to start planning your own international experience today!

Resources for planning

The IU Office of Overseas Study maintains a list of resources for students planning to study abroad. Topics include exploring options, academic planning, passport applications, funding, what to expect, and information for parents. Visit for the full list of study abroad resources.

Meet with the Director

The Director of International Experiences & Undergraduate Grants, Jeff Heerdink-Santos, is available for appointments and regular walk-in consultations about planning for study abroad, Hutton Honors College resources for students studying abroad, the HIEP Grant application process, and support with incorporating study abroad into program requirements for Hutton Honors College students. To schedule an appointment, email