Postcards from Spain

Greetings from España

HIEP recipients in Spain - Kathryn Puzzella and a friend in the Parc Güell overlooking Barcelona
Andres Ayala - current IU student with three past study abroad experiences and an upcoming HIEP trip to Barcelona.

My international experiences have challenged me, grounded me, and raised me. My whole worldview feels flipped when thrown into a foreign environment, but it’s from these places of discomfort where I’ve grown the most. My experiences with HIEP have refined my academic interests, redefined future goals, and absolutely changed my beliefs and personality. It feels like I have been genuinely uprooted and forced out of an outdated version of myself in the best way possible.

Andres Ayala, 2019 HIEP recipient (Barcelona, Spain)
HIEP recipients in Spain - Natalie Pitts and friends pose with a chef after preparing paella in Valencia
HIEP recipients in Spain - Jeremy Ambrosio sits in an elaborate garden in Seville
HIEP recipients in Spain - Madison Cavanaugh poses on a rock outcrop overlooking a beautiful view of Barcelona
HIEP recipients in Spain - Bailey Foster in a traditional Spanish dress in front of a fountain in Seville
HIEP recipients in Spain - Amanda Tolen sits on a bench in Alcala Spain with statues on either side
Sarah Overpeck and friends in Spain with a beach and town in the background.

I often look back on my time abroad and wonder how I managed to figure out the travel details, the train from Madrid to Alicante, the housing and academics, and daily life in another country. I had support and guidance from the study abroad program, of course, but the day-to-day life was up to me to figure out–how I fit in, what I could learn, how I could make the experience meaningful. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious in my current life, I think back to my study abroad experience and remember that I can do challenging new things.

Sarah Overpeck, 2004 HIEP recipient (Alicante, Spain)
HIEP recipients in Spain - Dannie Henton and 3 friends embrace each other while looking out over Barcelona from an overlook
HIEP recipients in Spain - Orly Genin's photo of colorful buildings lining a street in Seville
HIEP recipients in Spain - Jared Rusin overlooking Seville

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From top: Victoria Updike | Kathryn Puzzella | Natalie Pitts | Jeremy Ambrosio | Madison Cavanaugh | Kirk Connor | Natalie Pitts | Kelsey Vonderohe | Jared Rusin | Bailey Foster | Amanda Tolen | Kathleen Bertoia | Dannie Henton | Orly Genin | Jared Rusin

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