Admitted Students

Next steps for students admitted to an HHSA program

Award notices are sent via e-mail about two weeks after the final application deadline. If you are admitted to a Hutton Honors Study Abroad program, you must complete the following to finalize your acceptance:

1. Hutton Honors Study Abroad Acceptance and Disbursement Form

This form must be signed and submitted within two weeks of notification of acceptance in order to confirm your intent to participate in the program and accept your HIEP Hutton Honors Study Abroad Grant.

2. Medical History Form

This form must be signed and submitted along with the Acceptance and Disbursement Form. The information on this form will be kept confidential and only used in an emergency situation.

Download the HHSA Medical History Form

3. Program Deposit

After the submission of your program acceptance documents, a $500 nonrefundable deposit will be charged to your bursar account. This deposit will apply towards the total program fee.

4. Orientation and Pre-departure Sessions

Attend all mandatory orientation and pre-departure sessions for your program. The date, time, and place of all meetings will be outlined on the program acceptance letter.

5. Post Travel Requirements

Every Hutton Honors Study Abroad program participant is required to submit an essay and at least one photo after their travel abroad. See HHSA Photos & Essays below for guidelines and submission information.

HHSA Photos and Essays

All Hutton Honors Study Abroad program participants are required to submit an essay and a photo after their time abroad. The essays and photos are used on our website and in other media to promote the Hutton International Experiences Program. Photos and essays are due within six weeks of the completion of the program.

  • Essay Guidelines
    1. Essay should discuss an experience or experiences you had while abroad
    2. Essay must be 750-1000 words, and in PDF or Word format
    3. If photos are included, please also upload high-resolution versions of the photos in the Photo upload section
    4. Filename must be in the format YYYY-lastName-firstName-city-country.docx
           Example: 2017-Doe-Johnathan-Paris-France.pdf
  • Photo Guidelines
    1. Photo must be a jpeg file (.jpg); high resolution photos are preferred.
    2. Filename must be in the format YYYY-lastName-firstName-city-country-1.jpg
           Example: 2017-Doe-Johnathan-Paris-France-1.jpg
    3. If you upload multiple photos, each file should have a unique number at the end of the filename (e.g. ...France-1.jpg, ...France-2.jpg)
    4. After you upload your photo, you will be asked to provide a description and your email address. The description will be used to create the photo attribution or description text if the photo is used for promotional purposes or on a Hutton Honors College website. If you do not want your photo to be used for these purposes, please indicate that in the description field.
  • Other Media (Optional)

    If you kept a blog, made a YouTube video, filmed a documentary, published an article, or produced some other form of media about your time abroad, you may provide a descriptions and links to online content when uploading your essay and photos.

    Note that any linked content you provide may be featured on a Hutton Honors College website or used in other promotional materials.