Application Instructions

How to apply for the HIEP Grant

All applicants will submit their materials through the HIEP Grant online application system. Once you begin your application, you will be able to save and resume the process at a later time. Contact with any questions about the HIEP Grant application process.

In order to apply for the HIEP Grant, you will need the following information and materials:

  • 1. Program Information

    Program information includes the following:

    1. Program administrator
    2. Location
    3. Dates of travel
    4. Budget
  • 2. Notification of Program Acceptance

    The notification of program acceptance is a letter/email indicating you have been officially accepted into your study abroad program.

    If you have not yet been admitted to your program, temporary proof of program acceptance should be submitted before the HIEP Grant application deadline, such as:

    1. a letter/email indicating that you have applied for a study abroad program;
    2. a screenshot of the first page of your study abroad program application;
    3. a statement indicating your intent to apply for a study abroad program.

    Once you are officially accepted into your study abroad program, you must submit your official notification of acceptance to

  • 3. Short Essay

    In 400-500 words, please answer the following:

    1. How will your proposed international experience contribute to your academic growth?
    2. Your professional growth?
    3. Your personal growth?

    You may first type your essay in Word, and then paste it into the application form.

  • 4. Recommendation from an IU Bloomington Faculty Member

    Once you submit your online application, your faculty recommender will have access to the recommendation portal. They will also receive an email with instructions on how to upload their letter.

    Your recommender should be prepared to discuss:

    • how long, how well, and it what context they know you;
    • the plans and budget estimates for your proposed international experience;
    • how your proposed plans will contribute to your academic, professional, and personal growth;
    • your intellectual and personal maturity for successful participation in any independent aspects of your plans;
    • the single most compelling reason for the HHC to award you funding.

    Note: Your recommendation letter must come from a Faculty member as defined by Indiana University. Letters from non-faculty are not accepted. Please verify your recommender's status with the IU address book. It must say "Faculty" under "Affiliation."

  • 5. Additional Program Verification Documents (Independent Programs Only)

    Students undertaking independent travel must provide an additional document as proof of travel. Some examples include:

    • Volunteer organization notice of acceptance
    • Official placement notice
    • Airplane tickets
    • Copy of valid country visa
    • Hotel accommodation receipt
    • Correspondence with program administrators

    This is only a partial list. Please contact us if you have questions about this requirement.

NOTE: All applicants participating in a non-IU program must submit a signed HIEP Travel Release Form to the Hutton Honors College by the application deadline.

Meet with the HIEP Manager

The HIEP Manager, Jeff Heerdink, is available for appointments and regular walk-in consultations about planning for study abroad, Hutton Honors College resources for students studying abroad, the HIEP Grant application process, and support with incorporating study abroad into program requirements for Hutton Honors College students. To schedule an appointment, email .