Named Scholarships

Additional funding opportunities

In addition to the HIEP Grant, Hutton Honors College also offers several other funding opportunities. These named scholarships are are added on to your HIEP Grant to enhance your total scholarship amount. Your HIEP Grant application serves as your application for these named scholarships; there is no separate application and you cannot apply for them separately.

On the HIEP Grant application, please indicate the named scholarships you want to be considered for based on their respective criteria. They may not be available every semester, and may go to only one student per category. To increase your chances, be sure to specifically address your eligibility for the awards you indicate when writing your application essay. You may indicate more than one named scholarship on the HIEP application, but no more than one named scholarship will be offered to you. Students who receive a named scholarship will be expected to provide autobiographical information.

Open to Hutton Honors College Students Only

  • The Melissa Laney ScholarshipHHC students with an environmental interest or studying within SPEA

    Melissa Laney received her MS in Environmental Science with a concentration in Applied Ecology in 1999 from the School for Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). She currently works as an environmental consultant, heads the Indiana Clean Lakes lab, and is an instructor at SPEA. Mr. Edward L. Hutton honored her for her outstanding academic work and dedication to the environmental sciences by establishing a scholarship in her name. Melissa Laney Scholarships are awarded for up to an additional $1,500 to Honors College students with an interest in the environment or pursuing a major within SPEA.

  • The Dr. Arvin T. Henderson ScholarshipHHC students with interest in a medical profession

    Mr. Edward L. Hutton established this scholarship in honor of his close friend and IU fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) brother, Arvin T. Henderson. Mr. Hutton always felt motivated by his friend's high school adventure -- spending the summer bicycling throughout England, Germany, and several other European countries. Dr. Henderson graduated in 1941 with a degree in Chemistry and went on to the IU School of Medicine where he graduated in 1943. He joined the Navy after graduation. Later in life, he established a pediatric practice in Palo Alto, CA and was a chapter member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He passed away in 2004. In his honor, the Dr. Arvin T. Henderson Scholarship offers up to an additional $1,500 to Honors College students pursuing careers in medicine.

  • The Josephine Stuckey ScholarshipHHC students studying education

    Mr. Edward L. Hutton established this scholarship to honor his friend, Carol Josephine Crawford Stuckey, for her 35 years of service to the students of Lawrence County, Indiana. Ms. Stuckey graduated from IU in 1967 with a degree in Spanish. She returned to IU, receiving her MA in ESL teaching in 1968. Currently, she is a teacher and Foreign Language Department Chair at Bedford North Lawrence High School, where she works with students in the National Honor Society and Foreign Language Club. She also travels abroad with high school students interested in foreign studies. In her honor, the Josephine Stuckey Scholarship offers up to an additional $1,500 to Honors College students pursuing a career in education with preference for graduates of Bedford North Lawrence High School.

  • The Les & Mary Lou Waters ScholarshipHHC students studying business

    As a faculty member, a business leader, and a champion of international exchanges, Les Waters has always been a great friend to Indiana University. The Les & Mary Lou Waters Scholarship is but one of their many contributions to IU. The Waters Scholarship offers up to an additional $500 to Honors College students studying business.

  • The Hutton Family Study Abroad ScholarshipAll HHC students

    The Hutton Family Study Abroad Scholarship is the HIEP's newest award. It was created through a gift by Mr. Hutton's children in honor of their father, Mr. Edward L. Hutton. Please view the Press Release for detailed information. This scholarship provides up to an additional $2000 to outstanding members of the Hutton Honors College applying for the HIEP grant.

  • The Simon Goe ScholarshipHHC students studying in China

    Mr. Simon Goe, an IU alumnus, has businesses based in both the United States and China. He made a significant gift to fund this scholarship. Simon Goe Scholarship Awardees studying in China who are Honors College students receive up to an additional $500.

  • The Masaichi Yakahi ScholarshipHHC students studying in Japan

    Mr. Masaichi Yakahi, Chairman of Shiroshita Engineering, Inc., of Nagoya, Japan, created the Masaichi Yakahi Scholarship to support the HIEP. In his honor, scholarships of up to an additional $500 are awarded to Honors College students traveling to Japan.

Open to all IU Bloomington Students